Here you can see some of the dancevideos Miriam made

manamas Berlin 2007

manamas from Miriam Welk on Vimeo.

A dancefilm about the diverse perception of the inner and outer worlds.
Concept, dance, direction, editing / Miriam Welk
Camera / Feray Halil, Emelie Ekenberg
Music / Aphex Twin, John Zorn, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Pierre Bastien
Text / Aldous Huxley „the doors of perception"

peacock pufferfish express Dresden 2009

peacock pufferfish express from Miriam Welk on Vimeo.

A film about a pufferfish, a peacock on a journey - exploring different fragments of identity in five rooms.
Idea, direction, choreography, editing, costume /Miriam Welk
Direction, camera, light / Alexander Katzmann
Dance, text / Thomas Hart, Tim Olcay
Music/ Abriged too far "retreat to fade" and "the doody waltz", Alva noto "prototype n", Casino versus Japan "whole number play the basic", Freeform "spandoe", Housemeister REMIX Siriusmo "who is that noise", Martin Trétreault & Otomo Yoshihide "sputnik", Rob Ellis "six pieces for instruments: ii jirky"
Location/ FriedrichstadtZentral, Dresden

the inside is out Berlin 2008

the inside is out from Miriam Welk on Vimeo.

Choroegraphy, direction, editing / Miriam Welk
Dance / Zohar Ren Karni
Camera, light, assistent / Alexander Katzmann
Music / Aqua "Barbie Girl", Sabrina "Boys", Rotator "DAM12.001 b1"